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Daily schedule
Sat, May 14th.
04:00 pm. Arrival at Chateau Marouatte. Bienvenue!
Finding your room and making yourself at home in the castle. 

07:00 pm. Dinner served at the Troubadour Salon. Introductions, logistics, and resources information. Socializing and getting to know your new friends around a delicious table of local cuisine and wines.
Sunday, May 15th through Thursday May, 19th general schedule 
Sunrise Meditation (Optional) 
08:30-08:30 am.  Gentle Movement: waking up the body practice.
08:30-09:30 am. Breakfast
10:00-01:00 am. Retreat topic
01:00-03:30 pm. Lunch + musing
03:30-05:30pm. Retreat Topic 
05:30 pm Free time- Snack/Refreshement free time  
07:00 pm Dinner
10:00 pm lights out except for those days with evening practices. 

Friday May 20th.  Departure day.
08:00-10:00am. Breakfast & Goodbyes 
10:00-Noon. Bus Departure 

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