TO LOSE MY MIND... 


                                                                AND FIND MY SOUL..."

                                                                                                         John Muir





Come walk with me. 

I invite you into the natural world

to be reminded of your ecological true nature, 

and awaken to our interdependence and connection with the larger web of life. 


You didn't come into the world, you came out of it.

Like a wave in the ocean.

You are not a stranger"

                                             -Alan Watts-

It is scientifically proven that nature with its thousands upon thousands of living beings has a language of its own it uses to communicate and survive.  


Trees, vines and similar organisms keep themselves healthy by emitting chemicals called phytoncides. These volatile compounds serve as agents of health fighting against the threat of harmful insects and animals.  Because we evolved alongside trees, our immune system is inherently primed to be aided by phytoncides as well.  

When we walk in the forest, or any other natural environment, we are inhaling a unique mix of phytoncides, negatives ions and soil microbes.  It is a medicinal cocktail par excellence.

A forest bathing therapy walk is not your average hike, exercise or casual stroll.  It is is an invitation to give your mind a rest, and intentionally activate your senses to connect  with the natural world.   Forest bathing is a contemplative, embodied practice of being in nature.  It is not about where we end up, but where we are.  


As a Forest Bathing guide, I will show you the way to cross the threshold into the natural world by offering various invitations.  These invitations are designed to bring you into the present moment and open up your senses as you interact with nature and take in the atmosphere.

As your forest bathing therapy guide,  I do not act as a therapist, nor do I explain flora and fauna.

My place is to introduce you to nature, so that nature becomes the therapist.