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so long as we feel we are not truly seen,


          we cannot feel

                  we are truly loved


One on One

As humans beings we are social creatures.  We all yearn, to be seen for whom we really are, to be truly heard and understood, and to feel connected to ourselves, to others and to life.
One on one is the blue ribbon of support.  I will create a quiet, and protected space for you to explore whatever it is within you that is longing to be free and to thrive.

As sentient beings we heal from our own developed inner wisdom,
through our relationship to others and the natural world. 

The privacy of one on one support provides a safe refuge to look into the depths of your inner life.  The process you go through will be conducted in the most nurturing and non-judgmental manner.  

Close observation and investigation will give me a better understanding of your present difficulties and which areas of your life need the most immediate care.

To bring wellbeing into your life, I will offer you practical skills for self-care, and I will guide you on a straightforward path to achieve the equilibrium necessary for a joyful and peaceful life.  
In consideration of your valuable time and to best support you, I make time flexibility a key component of my work.  With that in mind, standard sessions start at 60 minutes but can also be extended into longer sessions.
I also offer half-and full days of support upon request and can arrange to meet in person, by phone, or via zoom/Skype. 
If the personalized support of One on One sessions is of interest to you,
please contact me for more information by clicking below

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