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welcome to my place on the net

I am Adriana,

I am so pleased to meet you...


"Traveller...there is no path...
                                 the  path is made by walking..."
                                                                       Antonio Machado

Through my share of unsettling life circumstances, I realized that happiness comes from within and that the quality of our lives depends on how we relate to the unexpected experiences life inevitable throws our way.  

The more we understand who we are as human beings, the greater the possibility for inner peace and harmony in our lives. 

Today, I am inspired by the evolving digital technology that reveals our wondrous human potential.  We are living in an era of mind-blowing creativity and innovation.


However, as can be seen from the chronic stress of our society, modern life can also overwhelm and bring us dissatisfaction.  We have veered towards becoming human doings instead of human beings; always trying to be somewhere quickly instead of being somewhere completely.  


Happiness is possible, if only our busy lives would allow us to be present when it happens.  


I invite you to slowdown, to stop speeding past your life, and to find the wisdom available in the present moment.  I invite you to the possibility of feeling fully alive. 


As a teacher and mentor, I will help you to cultivate your awareness and engage in your own healing through the power of discovering who you really are. 

Personally, I offer you what I learned with the hope that it sheds light on your own path to understanding.

Professionally, I offer you the knowledge that I've gathered from a multidisciplinary framework based on the latest cutting-edge science in human behavior. 

My time is spent between Los Angeles, California and Europe.  Please, contact me for more information.


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